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Air Heater

Variouse Air Heater

Air heater
High Heated Air temperatura

High heated air temperatura

Middle Heated Air temperatura

Air heater
Middle heated air temperatura
Small quantity and high heated air temperatura

Air heater


Mult burner used
Foundry sand drying

Air heater Kerosen burner using

High tenp and recircurating system
Air heater

Hot air is circulation


Air heater temperature:900℃

RAHD-T type air heater mult burner RAHD-M
tipe air heater
RAHD-T tipe

Air heater spec
Fuel Kerosen, Gas, Oil, A heavy oil
LNG, LPG, City gas, others
Capacity 1〜6MW
Control On-Off、HI-Low-Off

Low cost achieved using Riello packaged Burner.
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