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Company Profile

Address 1-53,2chome Shitte Tsurumi-ku Yokohama Japan
General Manager Teruo kannari      Greeting
Foundation February 1983
Capital 10,000,000JPY
Business Range @Burner and related product.
AHeat treatment goods and related product.
BAir heater industrial and agriculture.
CInstall, maintenance, other related work.
DOther related work from point 1 to point 5.
Approval Licence Energy saving management.
Boiler operation 1 class.


Apr 1980 Start business by NFK
Feb 1983 RIELLO JAPAN start by joint company RIELLO S.p.A. and NFK.
1984 Supply agriculture air heater market.
1987 Supply hot water boiler.
1988 Attend Japanese burner association.
1989 Air heater.
1990 Melting pot preheat burner.
1991 Pressurized hot water boiler.
1992 Burner for snow melting track.
1993 Solvent recovery machine.
1994 Incinerator for solvent.
1995 Burner for Rotary Kiln
1996 Exhaust gas analyzer
1997 Furness of metal heat
1998 Engine machine oil burner
1999 Low cost value gas firing furnace
Deodorant furnace using burner.
After burner for smoke duct heater.
Duct heater
2000 High temp air heater
After burner for incinerator.
H2S contented air incinerator.
2001 Solvent delivery system.
Flow measurement of heated air.
Heated air duct for turbine engine.
Material recovery furnace.
2002 Cap type melting pot preheat burner.
2003 Engine gas analyzer.
2004 Grand flare.
2005 Contented gas incinerator.
2006 Bio gas incinerator.
2007 Automatic type pot preheats burner system.
2008 Bio gas use hot water boiler.

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code 230-0003
Shitte 2-1-53, Turuni-ku, Yokohama-city, Japan.
Tel (81) 45-575-8097 Fax (81) 45-575-8099